Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dark Magic

Well well, looks like I finally found a USB port.
I figured out something very interesting this week. I don´t read things that don´t have pictures next to them. and so as I don´t read things without pictures I bet none of you do either. So I´ll try to have at least one picture on here every week.

Well the news for this week is that... there is no news, only old news but old news is good news and no news is bad news so old news is better than good news...and I´m not quite sure where I´m going with this but anyway...

Storyboads are being made for the new Digimon cartoon (as you can see) I still have to write the script but I mostly go by pictures anyway so that way it´s better for both you and me. So the Mike Garn Chronicles project has been halted for a bit. Around three months or so, but he´ll be back. He´s a pic of the man... the man that started it all.

Dang strait that´s a television antana in his hand. One of the most dangerous weapons on the planet.

Well that´s about all the old news that I have for now hopefully I´ll have some new news next week but for now the heat is on baby, and it´s only 5 degrees outside.

And hey Applebiscuit! What kind of pizza did you eat, that has everything to do with how happy it will really make you, so for this week play Halo and kick butt, and if you don´t win cry like a little baby.

Bangerter over and out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry dudes... still nothing

Well I was hoping to put some pics on this thing because "The chickens are getting restles" but the hook up I was hoping for didn´t pull through. So as you can see at the moment the title of the blog is very fitting (sub title thingy) Hopefully next week or maybe the next but sooner or later there will be pictures!!

So for the moment I´ll spill the beans (or some of them) about the Digimon series. The name could be...Gardians of Galaxia, or The Lost Chapters, but I havn´t really come to any surtain conclusion about the name. And more about the plot, It starts with Sora and Izzy, as they are transported to this strange new world that´s not the Digiworld or the Real world. In this world there exists surtain magical orbs called the "Orbs of Power." There also exists in this world alot of technology, so you see we have the mix of the two (kind of like Star Wars.) So it turns out that it is once again the Digidestin´s responsability to... How do you say... Save the world. So that´s where I stand on that.

Other than that the Mike Garn Chronicles are coming along, new ideas come along every now and then, It will be abit harder getting the info from a far distance now but we´ll see how it goes.

Well that´s all I have for you bums for now, so for now I say,

"Eat pizza, be happy"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey Punks! It´s me again, I´ve got some news on the cartoon front. For thoughs of you that remember about a year ago I was working on an animated movie called "Android" Well as of today I have officially resumed work on it. And as of next week I will have a USB port, which means that there will be pictures. I´ve been saving these for a while. And in other news I´m bringing back something cool that you all might remember... that´s right, it´s ... "The Kong fu Fighting Ewok" Oh yeah, he´ll be back whether Jeremy likes it or not, or sould I say Shoobie Doobie, and the Bad Guy (Still without name) but not the Chipmunks because...well you know what happened the last time. So be looking for these exciting pictures next week. But as for now you´ll just have to read more boring text...sorry. Peace out!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reading Up

What up hommies? Well this week I was hoping to beable to put some more pics on this thing but once again I have no USB port. I´ve been in the process of making some more concept drawings for some of the up coming cartoons. Things are going good and I still have alot of space to draw and some catching up to do. Mike Garn´s given me some more lines but I´m gonna keep um secret for now. If you want a sample of one just look in the comments boxes you´ll be sure to find one. Well for now I don´t have anything to say so until next time. Peace!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my turn

well i decided to put on some ideas for a good cartoon. one is where it talks about masterchief as a kid to halo 1. ofcoarse i will be making it up mostly since i don't feel like reading the books or replaying the game just to see if there are any hints about his childhood, bu there will be some foreshadowing. i am not sure of the name yet, so far i think it will be called destiny of a hero but that will most likely change.

another is an adventure of link that is not pretty. it is a story about him being captured by ganondorf and while he is being tormented, the rest of Hyrule is turned evil and overcome by zombies and other creatures. link manages to escape, but now he must restore peace in hyrule. i am planning on this to have blood, but only to where its realistic. So far the name will be "Adventures of link: running in blood" if u have a better name please tell me.

another one is a cartoon of the old game "lode runner" It will be about a man who takes back the gold stolen my evil monks back to his homeland. it should have a lot of action, but nothing that it to bad for kids. It will be called "Lode Runner" I am not going to change the name because lode runner is the best name for it.

the last one is one that i might make if "running in blood" and "destiny of a hero does good" i am not going to explain it because it will spoil the series, but here is a pic. it's horrible and i made it from google pics, but i am to bored and tired.

well thats it, i just wanna remind u guys to keep writing to ryan. He needs our support and don't think he woun't notice if you stop sending him letters. He wants to hear from all of you.
!HOUSE LIFE!... do i need to say anything else?

Two days later

It seems that many of you have gotten the message and are now joining. When your ready you can post your own entries. Hopfully some of you will have access to pictures. Feel free to post them here. And remember this blog is all about the cartoons. so try to keep them in that relm. Well I´ll be waiting for your new entries. Make um good boys and girls. Later!

Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year

Well, here we are, the year 2007. It´s good to see that some of you have accepted my invite to join the blog. Hopefully this will make the idea process go faster. Because two heads are better than one and a bunch of heads is like freakin amazing!!!

Now for the weekly up-date, More progress has been made on the Digimon cartoon. It´s hard keeping up with the story every day. The first few episodes are being written now as I have accidently jumped ahead to the middle. For more info on that in the first few episodes only Sora and Izzy are involved but the other chartacters join in later on in the story. The first episode will intale what´s happened since season 1 ended and how Sora and Izzy get sent into this alternete universe. It will also include the "missing links" that they illude to in season to but never really answer.

As for the House Life cartoon, a few ideas have popped into my head. Something about Izzy wanting to be a Rapper, Michel Jackson, and a water logue. Hmmmm... and for the Nicole cartoon, tidbits from DDR, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and the Matrix. Maybe a dancing chicken, or Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi. Remember to send me your Ideas for the cartoons. And for the Mike Garn chronicles, alot of funny one liners and some turkeys.

As for now the video game progress has been halted but I´ll come back with more pics and info on the subject. But as for now cartoons are the focus. Well that´s all for now and in the words of Bob "HOUSE LIFE RULES!!!!!!!"
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