Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rays Top 10: What not to do in a Scary Movie

As I was watching some scary movies this week I've noticed that there are certain things that people always do just before they pay the piper. So I've decided to let you all know in case you find yourselves in a similar situation.

10. Never say "I'll be right back" because you won't.
9. Searching for something with the lights off.
8. Separating from the group (duh!!!)
7. Following a ghost who you think is someone walking funny.
6. Locking yourself in a room with sharp objects.
5. Using a dogie door in a garage door as an escape route.
4. Standing and screaming at the killer.
3. Letting your girlfriend/boyfriend go to the bathroom while you wait in the other room.
2. Poking your head into a closet when you know someone else is in the house.
1. You lose your virginity you lose your life.
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