Thursday, May 31, 2007

Attention All Blog members

This entry pertains to the other authors of the House Life Blog. If you don´t remeber you all can leave posts on this blog aswell. To do so is simple enough all you do is first go to then go up to the top right corner and type in your name and password. (this should be your gmail address and password.) Afterward you should be able to see the various blogs that you are a part of. Select the "House Life Blog" and click new post. Then all you need to do is type your blog. You can add fotos of whatever you want, and at the end just scroll down to the bottom and push the "Publish Post" button. And that is how to sucessfully put a post on the House Life Blog. I hope that that helped some of you. So until later Peace Out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Popping in

Hello again. It´s been awhile since the last blog entry. So I thought I´d at least show that I´m still alive. Things are going well, I have some new concept drawings but I havn´t digitized them yet so you´ll have to wait a little longer for them. Sorry It´s kind of a boring blog entry but I´ll do something better next week.
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