Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hi yal! Just here with some news on one of my video game ideas, this here is Vilo he´s the hero of his self titled game. I don´t know much about the game yet but Vilo goes up against a world full of bad bugs trying to find his way back home. Ofcourse he´s got his special abilities, like, jumping, spit attack, and flying but he´ll earn more as the game goes on. So for now I´ll leave you guys with this little taste of what the wonderful world of Bangerter has in store. But until then you´ll just have to wait.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I got a short one

Just a heads up, I´ve just opened the official House Life e-mail account. So if any of you have any funny web comics, pictures, or videos feel free to send them to:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Starring into the Blue

Hey everyone I´ve got good news. Today the first Mike Garn chronicle was drawn I don´t have the scoop here on the web but it may be here within a few weeks. And in other good news project android has commensed as you can see from the picture we are very excited about it...or at least I am. Other than that we´re just here twitleing our thumbs. I hope to have more next week but until then Peace!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Word from the Kari Doll

Hey ya bums, I´m back with some more news. In the past few weeks I´ve been searching for something to show you guys, and here´s a little something I found about 6 months ago. It´s this Kari doll (actually it´s a piggy bank.) This thing has traveled all the way from the oriente to Málaga where I bought it and now it´s here in Almería sitting next to a bottle of Advil and a CD player.

But anyway this week Kari and I have been cooking up some information on the new Digimon cartoon, everyone who´s seen it thinks that it´s cool so you better like it...
First off is the latest concept drawing of Sora as you can see she does not wear her hat in this cartoon, she´s been given a new outfit including neon blue tatoos (two under each eye and one on each arm, and no she does not have more than two eyes). Her special abilities include:

Power Blast (as shown on the left hand)
Healing ablilties

Some weapons she will use are:

Twin Kitana swords
Long Bow

All these things making her one big power house. And if that wasn´t enough, I´m going to give you guys a little taste of the action. Sorry I only have story boards at this point, and these aren´t all of them.

This scene is one of the first in which Izzy has been brain washed to fight against Sora. Things start to get a little tougher when an unknown enemy joins the mix.

Well I hope that makes you day a little brighter it sure made my day. So until next time, Word to the Kari Doll!

im back!

no worries i am now back and better than ever. thank to the help of bangerter i can now post things like news, picts, and any other random thing that i want to post. (evil laugh)

and new thing about halo 3 i just heard about there is an in game mute button. i have no clue what that means but it sounds cool! by that i mean why didn´t they have that earlier on x-box live?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Adventures

Hey punks just giving you the weekly update and yes there are pics so don´t cry.

The quote of the week from Mike Garn is "There´s cupcakes in my gun, and the Covenent are gonna eat um all!!!!!" This is the first official pic that I´ve drawn for the cartoon, he´ll probably look a little different when it comes out. but for now whatever.

And if any of you were wondering why these lines sound familiar here is the answer Duke Nukem. (I found this in a store and decided to take a picture of it.) Well for the news this week is that of Well you guessed it the Halo Mike Garn Chronicles work has comenced, with more pictures to follow.The thing about the Chronicles is that they have nothing to do with Halo other than that Master Chief and all the characters are there. And you´re garantieed to laugh your pants off, and waist away your life watching them. So for this week I´ll leave it at that. Later Peeps!
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