Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Adventures

Hey punks just giving you the weekly update and yes there are pics so don´t cry.

The quote of the week from Mike Garn is "There´s cupcakes in my gun, and the Covenent are gonna eat um all!!!!!" This is the first official pic that I´ve drawn for the cartoon, he´ll probably look a little different when it comes out. but for now whatever.

And if any of you were wondering why these lines sound familiar here is the answer Duke Nukem. (I found this in a store and decided to take a picture of it.) Well for the news this week is that of Well you guessed it the Halo Mike Garn Chronicles work has comenced, with more pictures to follow.The thing about the Chronicles is that they have nothing to do with Halo other than that Master Chief and all the characters are there. And you´re garantieed to laugh your pants off, and waist away your life watching them. So for this week I´ll leave it at that. Later Peeps!
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