Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dark Magic

Well well, looks like I finally found a USB port.
I figured out something very interesting this week. I don´t read things that don´t have pictures next to them. and so as I don´t read things without pictures I bet none of you do either. So I´ll try to have at least one picture on here every week.

Well the news for this week is that... there is no news, only old news but old news is good news and no news is bad news so old news is better than good news...and I´m not quite sure where I´m going with this but anyway...

Storyboads are being made for the new Digimon cartoon (as you can see) I still have to write the script but I mostly go by pictures anyway so that way it´s better for both you and me. So the Mike Garn Chronicles project has been halted for a bit. Around three months or so, but he´ll be back. He´s a pic of the man... the man that started it all.

Dang strait that´s a television antana in his hand. One of the most dangerous weapons on the planet.

Well that´s about all the old news that I have for now hopefully I´ll have some new news next week but for now the heat is on baby, and it´s only 5 degrees outside.

And hey Applebiscuit! What kind of pizza did you eat, that has everything to do with how happy it will really make you, so for this week play Halo and kick butt, and if you don´t win cry like a little baby.

Bangerter over and out!

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