Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry dudes... still nothing

Well I was hoping to put some pics on this thing because "The chickens are getting restles" but the hook up I was hoping for didn´t pull through. So as you can see at the moment the title of the blog is very fitting (sub title thingy) Hopefully next week or maybe the next but sooner or later there will be pictures!!

So for the moment I´ll spill the beans (or some of them) about the Digimon series. The name could be...Gardians of Galaxia, or The Lost Chapters, but I havn´t really come to any surtain conclusion about the name. And more about the plot, It starts with Sora and Izzy, as they are transported to this strange new world that´s not the Digiworld or the Real world. In this world there exists surtain magical orbs called the "Orbs of Power." There also exists in this world alot of technology, so you see we have the mix of the two (kind of like Star Wars.) So it turns out that it is once again the Digidestin´s responsability to... How do you say... Save the world. So that´s where I stand on that.

Other than that the Mike Garn Chronicles are coming along, new ideas come along every now and then, It will be abit harder getting the info from a far distance now but we´ll see how it goes.

Well that´s all I have for you bums for now, so for now I say,

"Eat pizza, be happy"
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