Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey Punks! It´s me again, I´ve got some news on the cartoon front. For thoughs of you that remember about a year ago I was working on an animated movie called "Android" Well as of today I have officially resumed work on it. And as of next week I will have a USB port, which means that there will be pictures. I´ve been saving these for a while. And in other news I´m bringing back something cool that you all might remember... that´s right, it´s ... "The Kong fu Fighting Ewok" Oh yeah, he´ll be back whether Jeremy likes it or not, or sould I say Shoobie Doobie, and the Bad Guy (Still without name) but not the Chipmunks because...well you know what happened the last time. So be looking for these exciting pictures next week. But as for now you´ll just have to read more boring text...sorry. Peace out!
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