Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ryan's Blog

Ryan invited me to be a contributer to his blog (I'm not quite sure why, but flattered by the gesture). I'm not sure what the readership is for this blog as of yet (still new and all). So here is my post. HOUSE LIFE RULES!!!!

Late Christmas present

As the almost one month anniversery of this blog I´ve decided to let you all in on the fun. As of now anyone and their dog can post a comment in the comment box. And a chosen few of you have been invited to join me in posting very important information. So Merry Late Christmas to you all. I felt a bit lonely on this blog all by myself and thought that this would be a good way of making it funner for everyone. I hope to here from you all very soon.

Merry Christmas you Filthy Animals...and a Happy New year!

Hi all just thought I´d drop something on you this christmas season. Well this week some more progress has been made on the new digimon cartoon (fyi: progress=drawings) And if you´re still wondering I still havn´t come up with a name for it yet. It´s hard naming cool stuff. Just when you think you have it, you figure out that it´s not cool enough. So it´s still in the works. And to ilaborate a little more on the subject, this cartoon is supossed to take place between season 1 and season 2. You didn´t think that after season one the digidestend were finished did you? As I said before this cartoon is ment to be darker than the other ones. I pull out the kiddie stuff in this one. This time it´s the digidestends turn to kick some serious butt!! So sorry guys there are no digimon in this cartoon. The digidestend also gain powers in this cartoon. Cool huh? These new elements are sure to make for some seriously sweet fight scenes.

And hey, if any of you have any Ideas for the name of the cartoon make sure to post them in the comments box. I think it might speed up the process.

The other cartoons have been coming along well. I still need to finish the last House Life Cartoon I was working on about a year ago. But I can´t come up with any Ideas right now so if you have any they will be apreciated. Remember the theme is: crazy things that would happen at an amusement park. or any funny one liners you have would help.

So thanks for your help this Christmas season. Hope this gets you excited for 2008. I know it sounds like a long way away but times flying already. Speaking of which I´ve probably got to fly so until next year. Peace!!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A USB port, finally!!

Well here they are the pictures I´ve been promising you, sorry it took so long but hey what can you do. Well anyway I hope you like them.

This first one was drawn by Mike Garn, and is entitled, "I know Chief... I know." This drawing was what started the whole Halo: The Mike Garn Chronicles in the first place. I like it and I hope you all do too.

Here´s one of my drawings of the Cheif. I used a chalk board on this one, the cheif may look like this in the cartoon maybe even better.

This drawing is of Sora this is the outfit that she will be wearing in the new cartoon. ( still don´t have a name for it.)

And finally for today, a small glimpse at the up coming House Life RPG, you can see some of the characters that you will beable to play such as, Kay from "Android", Dixie Kong, Mario, Sora and Izzy from my new cartoon, Banjo and Kazooie, and last but not least Master Cheif.

So there you have them, just a few of the things I´ve been cooking up. I hope these get you excited.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Video Games galore!!!

Hi again, it´s your neigborhood friendly Bangerter!

Sorry I don´t have any pics up yet. I still haven´t found a computer with a USB port.
So I thought this time I´d tell you about some of my video game Ideas.

The first one takes the House Life cartoon characters into the gaming world. I call it "House Life RPG" I know, not too original of a name but whatever. Anyway, the game stars Ray and starts when he sneeks down stairs to play some late night video games, when suddenly he gets sucked into the TV. The game play will be like Super Mario RPG on the super nintendo (I love that game!!) The graphics will be about the same because I´m only going to use Flash for this one. It will also integrate different modes of game play (2D modes mostly.) Be looking for this game on the House Life web site in 2009.

Another Idea that´s going to have to wait awhile is a 3D adventure game which I like to call... "Vilo" This game is about a little grasshopper that gets mixed up in a big adventure. You won´t see this one for awhile, but I will say that designs are being made.

By the way I should have some pictures up in a few weeks but nothing is certain. Just keep checking (f.y.i. wednesdays would be the best since that´s the only time I´m on the computer.)

Well I´ve got to fly, but I can´t so I guess I´ll walk. Later!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Cartoon Ideas

I´d just like to let you all know about some new ideas I´ve been cooking up out here.

First off, I´ve always wanted to make a cartoon about Halo. But how could I make my cartoon different from any other Halo cartoon? Simple!! the answer, "Mike Garn." I introduce you to "Halo: The Mike Garn Chronicles" Just so you know, I had some help on the Idea end of this cartoon, most of the jokes come from Mike Garn himself (That stud.) I should have some concept drawings up in a few weeks. And for thoughs of you who were wondering, Mike Garn is an Elder in my district here in Almería.

The other of my exciting ideas uses characters from the digimon universe. I havn´t come up with a name for it yet, but the concept behind it involves a mix of both magic and technology elements. So for you digimon fans out there who liked season one, this cartoon is for you. Don´t be suprised to see that this cartoon is also darker and more serious than the tv series (Not for kiddies.) I plan on creating up to 21 episodes (to start) and much more to come. Be looking for concept drawings pretty soon (or as soon as I find a computer with a USB port.)

As for the Actual House Life Web site it will be at least another year before it´s up and running. So that link on the side doesn´t work. Sorry. So for now you´ll just have to live with this blog since it´s the only thing I can get my hands on at the moment. And I´ll be sure to keep this thing updated as I come up with ideas.

Hope that was enough to feed your appetite for awhile. So until next time. Later Baby!!!!!

The Beginning

Welcome to the House Life cartoons blog.... not much going on right now. But I do have to say that it´s pretty cool having your own blog. In later entries you´ll beable to see the progress of up coming cartoons but for now I´ll just say that things are still in the works.
This is only the blog. If you want to go to the main web page click here