Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas you Filthy Animals...and a Happy New year!

Hi all just thought I´d drop something on you this christmas season. Well this week some more progress has been made on the new digimon cartoon (fyi: progress=drawings) And if you´re still wondering I still havn´t come up with a name for it yet. It´s hard naming cool stuff. Just when you think you have it, you figure out that it´s not cool enough. So it´s still in the works. And to ilaborate a little more on the subject, this cartoon is supossed to take place between season 1 and season 2. You didn´t think that after season one the digidestend were finished did you? As I said before this cartoon is ment to be darker than the other ones. I pull out the kiddie stuff in this one. This time it´s the digidestends turn to kick some serious butt!! So sorry guys there are no digimon in this cartoon. The digidestend also gain powers in this cartoon. Cool huh? These new elements are sure to make for some seriously sweet fight scenes.

And hey, if any of you have any Ideas for the name of the cartoon make sure to post them in the comments box. I think it might speed up the process.

The other cartoons have been coming along well. I still need to finish the last House Life Cartoon I was working on about a year ago. But I can´t come up with any Ideas right now so if you have any they will be apreciated. Remember the theme is: crazy things that would happen at an amusement park. or any funny one liners you have would help.

So thanks for your help this Christmas season. Hope this gets you excited for 2008. I know it sounds like a long way away but times flying already. Speaking of which I´ve probably got to fly so until next year. Peace!!!!!
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