Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Cartoon Ideas

I´d just like to let you all know about some new ideas I´ve been cooking up out here.

First off, I´ve always wanted to make a cartoon about Halo. But how could I make my cartoon different from any other Halo cartoon? Simple!! the answer, "Mike Garn." I introduce you to "Halo: The Mike Garn Chronicles" Just so you know, I had some help on the Idea end of this cartoon, most of the jokes come from Mike Garn himself (That stud.) I should have some concept drawings up in a few weeks. And for thoughs of you who were wondering, Mike Garn is an Elder in my district here in Almería.

The other of my exciting ideas uses characters from the digimon universe. I havn´t come up with a name for it yet, but the concept behind it involves a mix of both magic and technology elements. So for you digimon fans out there who liked season one, this cartoon is for you. Don´t be suprised to see that this cartoon is also darker and more serious than the tv series (Not for kiddies.) I plan on creating up to 21 episodes (to start) and much more to come. Be looking for concept drawings pretty soon (or as soon as I find a computer with a USB port.)

As for the Actual House Life Web site it will be at least another year before it´s up and running. So that link on the side doesn´t work. Sorry. So for now you´ll just have to live with this blog since it´s the only thing I can get my hands on at the moment. And I´ll be sure to keep this thing updated as I come up with ideas.

Hope that was enough to feed your appetite for awhile. So until next time. Later Baby!!!!!
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