Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Video Games galore!!!

Hi again, it´s your neigborhood friendly Bangerter!

Sorry I don´t have any pics up yet. I still haven´t found a computer with a USB port.
So I thought this time I´d tell you about some of my video game Ideas.

The first one takes the House Life cartoon characters into the gaming world. I call it "House Life RPG" I know, not too original of a name but whatever. Anyway, the game stars Ray and starts when he sneeks down stairs to play some late night video games, when suddenly he gets sucked into the TV. The game play will be like Super Mario RPG on the super nintendo (I love that game!!) The graphics will be about the same because I´m only going to use Flash for this one. It will also integrate different modes of game play (2D modes mostly.) Be looking for this game on the House Life web site in 2009.

Another Idea that´s going to have to wait awhile is a 3D adventure game which I like to call... "Vilo" This game is about a little grasshopper that gets mixed up in a big adventure. You won´t see this one for awhile, but I will say that designs are being made.

By the way I should have some pictures up in a few weeks but nothing is certain. Just keep checking (f.y.i. wednesdays would be the best since that´s the only time I´m on the computer.)

Well I´ve got to fly, but I can´t so I guess I´ll walk. Later!
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