Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Word from the Kari Doll

Hey ya bums, I´m back with some more news. In the past few weeks I´ve been searching for something to show you guys, and here´s a little something I found about 6 months ago. It´s this Kari doll (actually it´s a piggy bank.) This thing has traveled all the way from the oriente to Málaga where I bought it and now it´s here in Almería sitting next to a bottle of Advil and a CD player.

But anyway this week Kari and I have been cooking up some information on the new Digimon cartoon, everyone who´s seen it thinks that it´s cool so you better like it...
First off is the latest concept drawing of Sora as you can see she does not wear her hat in this cartoon, she´s been given a new outfit including neon blue tatoos (two under each eye and one on each arm, and no she does not have more than two eyes). Her special abilities include:

Power Blast (as shown on the left hand)
Healing ablilties

Some weapons she will use are:

Twin Kitana swords
Long Bow

All these things making her one big power house. And if that wasn´t enough, I´m going to give you guys a little taste of the action. Sorry I only have story boards at this point, and these aren´t all of them.

This scene is one of the first in which Izzy has been brain washed to fight against Sora. Things start to get a little tougher when an unknown enemy joins the mix.

Well I hope that makes you day a little brighter it sure made my day. So until next time, Word to the Kari Doll!
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