Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my turn

well i decided to put on some ideas for a good cartoon. one is where it talks about masterchief as a kid to halo 1. ofcoarse i will be making it up mostly since i don't feel like reading the books or replaying the game just to see if there are any hints about his childhood, bu there will be some foreshadowing. i am not sure of the name yet, so far i think it will be called destiny of a hero but that will most likely change.

another is an adventure of link that is not pretty. it is a story about him being captured by ganondorf and while he is being tormented, the rest of Hyrule is turned evil and overcome by zombies and other creatures. link manages to escape, but now he must restore peace in hyrule. i am planning on this to have blood, but only to where its realistic. So far the name will be "Adventures of link: running in blood" if u have a better name please tell me.

another one is a cartoon of the old game "lode runner" It will be about a man who takes back the gold stolen my evil monks back to his homeland. it should have a lot of action, but nothing that it to bad for kids. It will be called "Lode Runner" I am not going to change the name because lode runner is the best name for it.

the last one is one that i might make if "running in blood" and "destiny of a hero does good" i am not going to explain it because it will spoil the series, but here is a pic. it's horrible and i made it from google pics, but i am to bored and tired.

well thats it, i just wanna remind u guys to keep writing to ryan. He needs our support and don't think he woun't notice if you stop sending him letters. He wants to hear from all of you.
!HOUSE LIFE!... do i need to say anything else?
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