Thursday, April 16, 2009

My trip through the Rip in the WoW time-space continum AKA: When Warlocks fly

Ok so I usually don't post things about the World of Warcraft on this blog but after what happened to me today I had to write something. So I was on my flying mount in Northrend doing my dailies when I flew over to the Wyrmcrest Temple and noticed that no one was there. Then I checked out Star's Rest and no one was there either.Then the D.E.T.L.A. Encampment and you guessed it, no one there either.Then just for kicks I went to Dalaran to see what would happen and lo and behold no one was there either and even cooler than that, I didn't get kicked off of my mount.
So after about an hour I was kind of getting sick of being the only person in the world, and tried to use my hearthstone but all it did was kick me off my mount. Then something Totally Awesome happened. I jumped and woosh!!! I was flying without a mount!!!!And for my final journey I wanted to see if there really was anything at the whirlpool in the middle of the map. When I got there I was a little disappointed to find nothing. Oh well.
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