Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Side Scrollers

Don't you miss the the good old days? The days when you would just sit down pick up the SNES controller and play for hours on end. Games like Donkey Kong Country, or Yoshi's Island. Every now and again I'll go back and replay my favorite childhood games, but lately I've been working on making my own side scrolling adventure game.

It was'nt easy coming up with the actionscript to make it all work but some how I figured it out.
Anyway, since I'm feeling nice and I want my hits to go up (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I've decided to write my own side scrolling adventure game tutorial. As I was making my game I searched for as many flash tutorials as I could looking for some of the more complex features that a side scrolling game would have and was dissapointed to find few if any tutorials on the subject. So I've decided that in this tutorial I will supply you with all of the knowledge that I have on the subject. The tutorial will cover everything from basic character creation, movement, object collection and counters, level progression, level objects, and yes even a pause screen. So look for this tutorial starting tomorrow. part one will be ready to read.

In House Life news, the Beta demo for the game is available on the site. So if you want to try it out Click Here
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