Saturday, June 02, 2007

Okay, here's a post for Ryan.

Well, here is a message for Ryan's blog. I don't have any good ideas for cartoons and truthfully, I haven't been even trying to come up with any. lol. Ryan, what's the topic for this blog suppose to be besides cartoon stuff? I could leave random pictures or talk about movies, but that would make you trunky.... hmmm trunky, aagghhhhhhh....

So, what about the transformers movie? Are you guys like really excited? Or not? lol... Well, I'm pretty excited. I remember when I was in 1st grade and I had Optimus Prime. He's the big truck to the right here. I thought I was sooooo cool. I was so jealous of our neighboors that had the guy that turned into a boom box. He even had all of the tapes the turned into animals!!! lol, cassette tapes, we've come a long way haven't we. Well, here is the official webpage for the Transformer movie:

It's coming 0ut July 4th and the trailer looks awesome. So, do you think it will actually be good or just have cool special effects? Hmmmm....

Ryan, I hope that was good enough.
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