Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey everyone. This weeks blog is a special one, something we havn´t seen in a while. That´s right, it´s another "GAME IDEA." This one´s for all you Utahns out there. As for those who are not familliar with us, we have a game that we like to call "Mormon´s Bridge" everyone who´s played it loves it and it´s a big party hit, but what about those times when you don´t have anyone to play with? Well I have your solution, that´s right Mormon´s Bridge on your computer, and better than just the normal boring card games that are on the computer already this would be Yoshi Mormon´s Bridge. As I was thinking about it I thought I like Yoshi and I like Mormon´s Bridge so what would be better than a Yoshi Mormon´s Bridge. And the best part about it being on the computer is that your best and worst scores would be saved, you could even play on-line against your friends. I think it would be a success. It will take a while before you´ll actually see this game on the web site but you can expect to see it in the next year or so. So stay tuned.
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