Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shevron seven locked

Hello all y'all out there. For thoughs that know me I am now back amongst the living, and ready to start doing all of the things I've been telling you that I was going to do. First things first as for new cartoon ideas. I've been thinking of a T.V. montague that pokes fun of various T.V. series' and cartoons. I'm thinking of taking apple pie... applebiscuit up on his offer on doing a colaborative work with him. The idea is still forming but should be in the works later on this year. So for the mean time you'll just have to wait and see what comes out of the stargate. See you on the other side. Sorry I just saw this picture and it made so much sence, Chuck Norris = Master Chief!! It just works!!! And if anyone says otherwise Chuck will find you so beware!!!
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