Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weird Junk

Hi everyone, this week is a special week as some of you may or may not know Spain is a strange country and there are many strange things that you incounter when walking it´s city streets. Here are some strange things I´ve found on my journeys.

First off this picture right here. Do you see anything wrong with it? Well, it could be that there is no second window in that wall. But that´s just my guess

Here´s the next one, Wow I never knew that "Exchange" in the U.S. was different from "Exchange" in England. Go figure and for any of you who were wondering "Cambio" is "Exchange" in spanish.

Here´s another thing that you will only see in spain. This my friends is an old people workout park, and just to tell you all spainards have no shame. Add this to peeing in the middle of a busy street and that´s pretty much sums up what a spainard is.

And this my last picture is not very strange if your from Utah but if you find one of these in spain you might be a little confused. You see the Coke can has a discount for Lagoon what in the world is it doing here?!

So as you can see there is some stange stuff going on here hopfully things get back to normal soon. Anyway that´s what´s happening in my neigborhood what´s going on in your neck of the woods?
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